fawe gabon

About FAWE Gabon

The Forum for African Women Educationalists, Gabon Chapter (FAWE Gabon) was born from the vision of a Gabonese Lady who, in 1992, joined four (4) other women, Ministers of Education in their countries, just as she was in Gabon at that time, to set up a Pan-African Non-Governmental Organization.

The objective is simple: to promote the education of girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa, in line with Education For All.


However, it was not until 1995, precisely on 1 May 1995, that the Pan-African Organization held its Constitutive General Assembly in Libreville, Gabon.

The name of the NGO (Forum for African Women Educationalists) and its acronym, therefore, remain in English as the Regional Secretariat or Main Office is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

FAWE Gabon, present and active on the national territory since 1995, is an NGO duly registered with the Ministry of the Interior. 

It has a Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of National Education and is working with strategic partners and communities to ensure that programmes are implemented for girls in schools, adolescents and young people to a greater extent, but also for parents and families in an effective manner and that these programmes are fully supported by all stakeholders.

It is on the strength of FAWE Gabon's proven role in the fight against dropping out of school in Gabon that, since 2013, the Chapter has been housed within the Lycée Bâ Oumar in Bas-de-Guégué, making it FAWE Gabon's first Centre of Excellence, i.e. its laboratory for experimenting innovative practices and sustainable interventions integrating the gender dimension in education.

To carry out its activities, FAWE Gabon relies on its Alumni Office.
These girls who have benefited from the supervision of the NGO at one time or another and who now become the guardians of the younger ones and come under the supervision of FAWE Gabon.