Programmes in progress and a brief description of each one

STEM competition

FAWE Gabon offers the Educating for Tomorrow educational challenge, designed to inspire Gabonese students to reach their full potential and get closer to the fields of STEM by using STEM to better help their communities.

Popularization of the Parent-Child Communication Guide on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

With regard to sexuality, it is clear and should be remembered that FAWE Gabon advocates abstinence. Thus, this little Guide is far from being an incitement to sexuality, quite the contrary! It is based on the observation that sexuality remains a sensitive issue for many parents towards their children.

Fun Learning Center: Ambassadors Program

FAWE believes that quality education leading to the real empowerment of the girl child remains the keyword, and that this programme will enable adolescent and young mothers in early motherhood to remain in or re-enter the educational space in order to complete their studies. While equipping and preparing the young mother to adequately face the various challenges ahead through a clever mix of Education, Entrepreneurship and fun, this innovative concept also starts where the best return on investment can be achieved, i.e. the toddlers. More information to come!

Pedagogical innovation for gender equality and empowerment of the girl child - prevention of school pregnancies

This project will be implemented in 10 schools in Libreville, Gabon. The project aims to equip adolescents with theoretical knowledge in order to enable them to make good choices in the area of sexual and reproductive health. The project is aimed primarily at girls, then boys, parents through parent-teacher associations, and supervisory staff and teachers. A total of 500 peer educators, i.e. 50 per school, will be trained to lead youth committees. We are counting on a real awareness and active participation of these young people through the implementation of activities developed around the youth committees, to really make a difference in terms of sexuality among young people.